Monday, March 23, 2009

Defining love

Defining love

Love is a feeling of sympathy that involves the emotional depth of the Erich Fromm, there are four requirements to achieve love, namely:

1. Introduction
2. Responsibility
3. Care
4. Mutual respect

Like many types of lovers, there are many kinds of love. Love is in the whole of all human culture. Because of differences in culture, the love of pendefinisian also difficult to set. See hypothetical Sapir-Whorf.

Expression of love may include the love for 'soul' or mind, love of law and organizations, love for the body, love nature, love food, love money, love learning, love of power, love keterkenalan, etc.. Berarah to love more abstract concept, it is easier experienced than explained.

Love that is always a need to be kept so that its natural beauty

Love among the private

Love refers to the inter-personal love between men.

Some of the elements that often exists in the inter-personal love:

* Afeksi: respect other people
* Association: satisfying basic emotional needs
* Altruisme: non-self-absorbed attention to other people
* Reciprocation: the love for each other
* Commitment: the desire to immortalize love
* Emotional intimacy: sharing emotions and feeling
* Kinship: family ties
* Passion: sexual appetite
* Physical Intimacy: the life of sharing in close to one another
* Self-interest: the love expect personal rewards
* Service: desire to help

Sexual energy can become the most important element in determining the form of a relationship. Sexual attraction, but often creates a new bond, sexual desire is considered good or not should not in some bond of love. In many religions and systems of ethics it is considered wrong if you have sexual desires to the immediate family, children, or outside of committed relationships. But a lot of ways to reveal a sense of affection without sex. Afeksi, emotional intimacy and hobby are the same in normal and are all brothers in humanity.

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